Welcome back to the new school year!

99F582B6-AB97-4506-B7BC-D1EB6C5F75D3.jpegWe have all settled in really well to our new class. To start off our fun learning this year we have been lucky to have PE sessions with RuggerEds on the MUGA pitch in school.

RuggerEds sessions are based around a strong ethos of lots of fun and promoting values of Good Manners, Respect, Teamwork and Fairplay. The games are designed to make the children work together in a rugby related play environment.

Don’t forget to bring an outdoor PE kit to school ready for the sessions every Friday up until half term.


Y2 trip to the Madina Mosque

As part of our RE learning, one of the religions we look at is Islam. This half term we have done a lot of learning about Islam. Including their recent celebration of Eid at the end of Ramadan – where we had our own Eid party in school! Since then we have learnt so much about Islam.

Yesterday we got to visit the Madina Mosque in Sheffield.  When we got there we took our shoes off and Zahid showed us around the Mosque and we were amazed with how beautiful it was inside! We saw where muslims perform the wudu (wash before prayer), the library and the prayer rooms. Zahid was so impressed with how much we knew that he gave us some special Tasbih beads to take back to school!



Our favourite trip this yeah has to be WHIRLOW FARM. We had an amazing time. Some of us were really nervous at first as it was our first ever residential trip! But when we got there we had no time to feel home sick as there was just so many fun things to see and do!

When we first arrived we got settled into our home for the night – the farm house –  it is right in the middle of the farm! We then had a farm tour all around and saw goats, hens, a peacock, a turkey, geese, and A LOT of pigs and piglets. The piglets were our favourite because they were just so cute!

After our farm tour we spent our evening playing in the garden with our friends and eating a delicious dinner cooked by Miss Mason and Mrs Griffiths. After our dinner we went on a walk up to a field where we got to play football and piggy in the middle. Eventually it was bed time – but just before bed we got to have hot chocolate with marshmallows (yum!) and biscuits!

The next morning we woke up to Mrs Griffiths’s morning song and ate our breakfast – we loved the pancakes! We then got ready really quickly fror the farm jobs – we collected eggs the hens had laid, groomed the rabbits and guinea pigs and fed the goats their breakfast (they were very hungry!)

Finally we all went on a pony ride with the riding instructors at Whirlow. It was the best trip ever! Take a look at just some of our pictures to see all the fun we had!

World Book Day

We had lots of fun celebrating world book day this year by dressing up as our favourite characters. We also decorated our classroom door as one of our loved classics – The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Take a look at our fab fancy dress and remember keep reading so you can discover even more magical characters!


Safety Week 2019!

During safety week Ruby Class had lots of fun whilst learning about all different types of safety.

We practised road safety in Pearl class and discussed the rules to remember when crossing roads:


Next we learnt all about safety in home and school. Have a look at the picture below to see the different hazards we picked out whilst walking around school:


Then we looked at fire safety with a fab visit to Birley Moor fire station where the super fire fighters showed us all around the fire engines (and we even got to see their gym and kitchen – where they cook all their meals!) Most importantly though, we learnt all about fire safety and how fire fighters deal with fires with all of the amazing tools they have. We are very lucky to have them!

fire 1fire 2

On top of all of that in our literacy learning we looked at Online safety. We read the story book Monkeycow by Stuart Spendlow and Amy Bradley. In the book the really important message is about keeping your passwords and personal information safe and secret from others.

monkeycow Continue reading “Safety Week 2019!”

Pantomime Time!

On Monday we were one of the lucky schools chosen to go to a pantomime and Christmas party at the City Hall! We had so much fun!

We got to watch the brilliant pantomime of Treasure Island. Then after we had a delicious lunch (of some of our favourite foods), we had a fab Christmas party which included prizes for the best dancer! Then at the very end of the party a very special visitor cam by to drop us off a present each… Can you guess who the special visitor was?

Take a look at some of our photos to find out who!

collage (20).png

Anti-Bullying Week

We watched the film clip ‘For the Birds’ by Pixar.

We discussed how the film clip links to Anti-bullying week and we discussed the themes of the story we could see.

We noticed that the smaller birds were mean to the big bird and we discussed how this was unkind and not the right thing to do.

We worked in groups to re-enact different parts of the story and helped each other to understand what might be happening and said between the characters in each scene. This helped us to see that bullying can come in many forms and is important to work together to stop this from happening.

collage (2).pngTo continue this learning at home:

Healthy Living Week

During Healthy Living Week we learned all about how to help keep our mind and body healthy.

In class we looked at the story Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett. We tasted all the vegetables from the story and then used these to make our own healthy, delicious dishes – pea soup and rhubarb crumble!

We were even lucky enough to have lots of special visitors in school including a sports coach who gave us a fitness session in the hall (which really got our hearts pumping!) and a GP!

On top of all that at break time we made our own fruit smoothies using special smoothie bikes.

What a busy week it was! Take a look at our pictures to see what fun learning we had!

collage (1).png

To continue this learning at home:

Y2 Trip to the Medina Mosque

IMG_1683 (1)IMG_1684Today Y2 went on the bus down to Wolseley Road to the beautiful Medina Mosque. When we went inside we took our shoes off, just like the Muslims who pray here, as this is a sign of cleanliness. We then got to see all our learning of Islam in RE put into practise. We saw a wudu washing (and learnt how to pronounce ‘wudu’ properly!), we got to see the special library in the Mosque where there were lots of Qurans and we found out that in the Quran there are around 6,000 verses! Some muslims manage to recite the whole Quran off by heart! We then got to go into one of the prayer rooms and see how and where muslims stand when they are praying. Did you know muslims pray 5 times a day? We had a great time and we want to say a big thank you to the Medina Mosque for giving us such a great tour around and answering all our questions!