Global Citizenship Week

This week, the whole school has been busy learning about Global Citizenship.

KS1 decided that they looked at the theme of Poverty and Hunger. These are just 2 of the 17 global goals.


In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

In Ruby class, we didn’t really know what poverty was so we explored this a little bit further. We looked at what might cause people to live in poverty and then thought about some solutions that we could use to prevent people from being in poverty. This happens in the UK as well as around the world.

We had some really thoughtful ideas and tried hard to think of sustainable solutions!


We also had a day where we moved around the different classes in KS1.

With Miss Duddle, we learnt about our basic needs.

With Miss Mason, we learnt about the uneven distribution of food around the world.

With Miss Breeze, we learnt about where food comes from.

And with Miss Varley and Miss Deighton, we learnt about how poverty affects people’s lives and how to prevent it.


NSPCC Big Board Game Morning

During the last week of term we had a real treat. Our grown ups were able to stay in the classroom a little longer than normal so that they could play games with us.


We were raising money to support the charity NSPCC. Click here to see more information about what the NSPCC does.

We had a brilliant morning. Thank you to our grown ups for staying and playing with us.IMG_2871IMG_2868IMG_2869IMG_2870

Red Nose Day in Ruby Class

On Friday 24th March it was Red Nose Day.

We were helping to raise money for good causes around the UK and around the world to support adults and children who are less fortunate than we are.

We had to dress up in anything red and we all made a huge effort!

Thank you to all of the children and parents for sending your children to school in red and helping to raise lots of money for others.



Y2 visit the Medina Mosque

Our RE topic has been ‘What is it like to be a Muslim in Sheffield?’ so to finish off the topic, we visited the Medina Mosque in Sheffield.


Although we had seen lots of pictures and photographs in the classroom, we were excited to see what it actually looked like for ourselves.


After we had taken our shoes off and placed them on the show rack, we were taken into a special room called The Wudu washing room. Muslims make sure that they are completely clean before they enter the prayer room as a sign of respect to Allah. We were shown how a Muslim follows the ritual of Wudu.


Next we were taken inside the prayer room of the Mosque and shown the different features of it. Muslims pray at different times of the day so we saw lots of clocks with different times to show when the next prayer time was.

We had a brilliant time at the Medina Mosque and we would like to say a very special thank you for showing us around. Thank you to our parent helpers to supporting us on the visit.


Making Finger Puppets

In DT this week we had the challenge of making our own finger puppet.

We had already learnt about the different kinds of puppets that we could use and what they were made from.

Image result for rod  puppets

This is a rod puppet and the parts of the body moves when you move the rods. Sometimes it takes two people to help to move a rod puppet.

Image result for different types of puppets

This is a marionette puppet and it works by moving the strings up and down, backwards and forwards to get the different body parts to move. Pinocchio is a marionette puppet.

Image result for different types of puppets

These are finger puppets and they fit onto one finger. We can use finger puppets to help to tell stories.

Image result for different types of puppets

This is a hand puppet and you can put your whole hand inside. Sometime these types of puppets have squeakers in the mouth so when you press it, it sounds like the puppet is speaking.

This week our job was to make a finger puppet. We discussed which puppet we wanted to make and then chose a piece of material that was the right colour for our character. Next we had to cut out our template and then draw around it onto our material.  After that, we had to cut out the shape twice to make a front and a back to our puppet. Then we had to glue around the edges of the two pieces of material and stick them together. We had to be careful not to put any glue on the bottom of the puppet otherwise we wouldn’t be able to put it on our finger. Finally, we were able to decorate our puppets to make them look more like our characters we had in mind.

Here is an example of some of our puppets. We think they are fantastic!

This weeks superstars

This week our superstar writer of the week goes to Bethany Jackson for her independent write. Bethany included all the writing features on her checklist and worked really hard to make her story imaginative and exciting. Well done Bethany!


Our Mathematician of the week this week is Denzil Silva for working hard in maths when weighing using balance scales. Denzil could make sensible predictions and measure using  grams independently. Well done Denzil!


Keep up the hard work!

Superstars of the week

This week it was very difficult to choose a mathematician of the week as everyone has tried so hard with their learning but Kourtney worked independently to solve length word problems and he could recognise which operation he needed to do without any help. Well done you superstar!


Miss Duddle chose Kira-Li as our superstar writer this week because in her independent write she managed to include so many tricky language features. We did a quick independent write in role as a character and Kira-Li worked so hard to make sure she had  included expanded noun phrases, questions, exclamations, conjunctions and so much more! Keep up the super writing.